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The 2017 Ford GT is the flagship model of Ford's lineup, and arguably the greatest supercar built in the US. First constructed as the GT40 in 1966, Ford successfully knocked Ferrari off their LeMans pedestal, claiming victory in the race for four years in a row. Its current incarnation, the Ford GT, is no less impressive than its predecessor.


The interior is clad heavily in ultra-light carbon fiber, which is as strong as steel at a tiny fraction of the weight. High-strength subframes are supported by aluminum to minimize weight. It is a minimalist interior, featuring a race-ready 2-seat cockpit and nothing it doesn't need, meaning less weight and more speed. The seats are directly integrated into the car's shell, providing a better feel of the chassis and making you feel as though you and this ferocious beast are one. It makes up for this fixed-seating position with adjustable steering wheel and pedals so you can get that fit just right. As for that steering wheel: all of the functions you could ever need to get every drop of power out of this car are accessible through the controls on the wheel.


Designed by the best automotive engineers in the world and entirely hand-constructed, the teardrop design dramatically reduces drag and enables the GT to tear through the streets like a flaming sword through butter and to look incredible doing it! Everything about the design of the GT is centered on speed and strength. Molded entirely from high-strength carbon fiber, it has a form that is at once crisp cuts and smooth curves. The designers took extra care when designing its windshield. Anyone who has ever lifted a windshield from a car will tell you: glass is HEAVY! The windows are usually the weakest link when supercar designers are trying to shed weight on their vehicles. Ford has finally addressed this with the introduction of gorilla glass. Already in use on consumer electronics, such as smartphone and tablet screens, gorilla glass is thin, light and damage resistant. The Ford GT is the first production vehicle ever to employ this glass. However, they haven't used just any gorilla glass. The windshield employs a three-layer gorilla glass hybrid that's thinner than traditional laminate glass and 30 percent lighter, in addition to being much more durable to scratches and chips. What does this mean for this Ford GT review? It means a lower center of gravity, better handling and faster responses. In fact, it has the best power-to-weight ratio of any car on the market.


While constantly pushing the envelope, Ford also likes to keep to tradition. The rear wheel drive setup of the GT proves this and is sure to bring out the tail-happy teenager in all of us. That having been said, the GT is not only designed for showing off, but speed as well. The active suspension lowers the vehicle at high speeds to improve handling and aerodynamics, and the rear spoiler reacts as well, moving into position for the greatest possible downforce onto the rear wheels. When you hit the top-of-the-line Brembo brakes, The spoiler springs up to create drag and slows the car down even faster. The suspension even features a button in the cockpit that can raise the front end of the vehicle to get over those pesky speed bumps and curbs. It's those little things that take the GT from impressive to AWESOME.


The GT houses more than 600 horses in its 3.5 liter Ecoboost V6 engine. How does a V6, let alone an Ecoboost V6, accomplish such a task? It's twin-turbocharged. Featuring a combination port/direct injection system, low friction valvetrain, and a seven-speed, dual-clutch transaxle, Ford have managed to squeeze every last bit of power from this engine. The GT is capable of attaining 200 mph or more, sucking vast amounts of air through its vents and compressing it through the turbochargers before expelling the hot air out through piping in the taillights.

In a sense, the 2017 Ford GT is just as much old as it is new. It has a design that is in remembrance of the past while heralding the future. It shows Ford's capability with its Ecoboost engines, and hopefully we'll see more of that modification in other cars to come.

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