What is the most dog friendly Honda?

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2010 Dog Friendly Honda Element EX

Honda has gone to the dogs!

Honda does things a little differently, which may be why they are one of the most popular automakers in the United States. Sometimes, they produce something so thoughtful and insightful that it warrants recognition.

Consider the 2010 Dog Friendly Honda Element EX.

Your eyes do not deceive you, "Dog Friendly Honda Element" is the actual title for this $995 option package. When Honda claims a vehicle is "dog friendly," they aren’t kidding. Within the clamshell doors and flat flooring of the average, everyday Honda Element (view photos) stands a testament to our four-legged friends.

Dog Friendly Honda Element EX Accessory Package

This accessory package includes:

     Stowing/folding dog ramp – great for older dogs

     Dog-patterned seat covers – a side profile of a dog is the actual pattern

     All-season floor mats with dog bone shapes

     Additional "Dog Friendly" tags

     Rear car kennel – big enough for a dog up to 80 pounds

     Spill-resistant water bowl

     Pet bed

     Electric fan – dogs get hot and a small fan is a thoughtful idea

     A leash, collar and dog tag

     Kennel organizer

     Bag dispenser – plastic bags for "doggie bombs"

     Tote bag

Element is a Versatile, Fun Machine

The rest of the Honda Element is the tried and true companion that’s been around since 2003. This is one of the most utilitarian vehicles for urban types and can handle foul weather beautifully with Honda’s Real Time 4-Wheel Drive system.

Honda’s lively 166 horsepower 2.4 liter, 4-cylinder engine is eager to please but returns economy numbers that are low for a vehicle this size (about 22 miles combined rating for city and highway driving). A 5-speed automatic transmission is the only transmission available.

The Honda Element has never been about high performance or high gas mileage numbers; it is a unique machine built for easy transportation and a variety of interior configurations. In fact, the Honda Element has so much room inside its interior cargo space, the numbers match that of crossover and SUVs in higher and larger brackets. With the rear seats up, you get a staggering 74.6 cubic feet of storage space.

Honda’s Element has unique, rear-opening doors that make for easy entry and exit. The tailgate’s lower quarter lowers while its larger upper section opens like a conventional hatch. Rear seats (there’s only two) lay flat, fold, can be placed against the interior sides or removed altogether. The floor is made of a rugged, rubber-like material that can be hosed off and the seat fabrics are all thick and durable.

A Dog-Friendly Ride for Less than $30k

Prices for the 2010 Honda Element start just under $21,000 and can easily reach the $30,000 mark. The Dog Friendly Honda Element EXs is priced in the mid to high $20,000 range.

Is the Dog Friendly Honda Element EX worth the price? If you’re a dog lover and find this setup useful, this may be the vehicle of your dreams. I knew a school teacher who bought one specifically for her puppies as she bred Boston Terriers. On the other hand, if you ever want to carry more than two passengers in the back, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

But give Honda credit for offering the 2010 Dog Friendly Honda Element EX. With approximately 70 to 100 million dog owners in the United States, this unique vehicle is guaranteed to appeal to dog lovers everywhere who will seriously consider the Honda Element as their next vehicle.

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