What Are Three of Nissan's safety features ?

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Consistently miles ahead of its competitors in the automotive industry, it’s no surprise that Nissan continues to be one of the top manufacturers of choice for today’s first-time car buyer and for Nissan’s loyal vehicle drivers throughout the years. While its designers and engineers continue to improve upon already award-winning components, Nissan's safety features, and options of the Nissan vehicles, one particular aspect of the brand brings new Nissan enthusiasts to its dealerships and keeps established customers loyal: Nisan’s commitment to safety.

Here’s a look at three of Nissan’s safety features:

The Smart Rearview Mirror

Recipient of the 2014 Traffic Safety Achievement Award from the New York International Auto Show, Nissan’s Smart Rearview Mirror is the automotive industry’s first LCD monitor that provides several functions. It not only gives you clear visibility of what’s happening behind your vehicle, but also the ability to turn the rearview monitor feature back into the traditional rearview mirror with a simple flick of an easy-to-access switch. Recognized as one of the most life-saving safety features on any vehicle on the market today, Nissan’s Rearview Mirror takes all stress-inducing guesswork out of wondering if the neighbor’s cat is still lounging in your driveway, if all the kids already rode by on their bicycles, or if the basketball was put back in the garage and not left behind your vehicle. In addition, on dark roads when you may need to put your vehicle in reverse or if you’re parked in potentially-unsafe rest areas or parking lot, the rearview mirror will enable you to see if anyone is approaching or lurking behind your vehicle.

The Forward Emergency Braking System

Nissan's safety features make you stop and take notice. Helping you to remain aware of your surroundings, this safety feature constantly monitors the distance between your car and other vehicles sharing the road with you – especially those directly in front of you. If your Nissan’s technology calculates that the space between your vehicle and the vehicle traveling just ahead of you suddenly decreases, your Nissan will sound an audible alarm to warn you that you might be in harm’s way and at risk of a collision. If you ignore the automotive alert, do not decrease your speed, and the distance continues to diminish between your vehicle and the one ahead of you – your brakes will engage automatically!

The Predictive Forward Collision Warning (PFCW) System

As if the technology of the Forward Emergency Braking System wasn’t enough, Nissan provides even additional protection with their Predictive Forward Collision Warning system. Appropriately located at the front of Nissan’s vehicles, this state-of-the-art collision warning feature alerts you if the vehicle two cars ahead of you suddenly slows down or brakes! The system warns you of a potential pile-up in traffic with both a visual warning and an audible warning.

From these three innovative safety components to a lane departure warning system, a moving object detection feature, additional air bags, and numerous other industry-transforming safety features, the Nissan line of vehicles continues to set standards in the automotive industry by consistently offering safety and quality, comfort, and luxury in all their vehicles.

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