What are the top ten cars for moms?

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This is an introduction to a top ten list I recently did for a local car blog here in Seattle.

Happy Accidents: "Top Ten Cars for Moms"

Moms....tell me another group that is so simultaneously ignored and patronized by the car industry. The cool cars seem largely designed to entice the other woman rather than the mom. And the ones that are marketed to moms, like minivans, have literally come to symbolize spiritual emptiness. Car makers don't seem to know what to do with moms. They seem to have forgotten, that moms are, first and formost women. And women buy cars differently than men do. They're built differently. They have different needs.

Women certainly don't buy cars the same way that 'moms' are supposed to. Women, for example are twenty percent more likely to buy a sports package and ten percent more likely to get the bigger engine than men. And though the data doesn't say, I'll assume some of those women had children.

Women rate styling more important than men do and while men place a higher premium on performance, women rate overall driving experience as one of their key decision points. Heck, without women the VW Beetle would have been a dud and the only people who'd know what cabriolet meant would be, you know, the French.

Maybe there's not enough car designers who have actually been moms out there. The car world just doesn't seem to put as much imagination into solving their needs as, say, middle aged men. Jaguar, for example, purposefully allowed the steering in their convertable XR to get a little light at speeds over a hundred and thirty just so the trunk could be made big enough to hold a set of golf clubs. Evently no shortage of golf players in the car world. But that's good. That's what you call sweatin the details for the fellas. There were probably dozens of meetings involved in that compromise and the result was a car better suited for its owner.

Yet, how often, for example, is the lip of the trunk built obnoxiously high or there's stuff built into a minivan's floor that makes sliding big heavy boxes especially difficult. How hard is it to get little Balthazaar in his child safety seat? Have you ever heard a manufacturer employ carbon graphite so a hundred pound woman can open one of those mile long minivan driverside doors without having to grunt. Tell me the car industry sweats these questions the way it sweats golf bag placement or Nurburring lap times.

That's what makes a top ten cars for moms so interesting. It has to be made up of what Bob Ross from 'The Joy of Painting ' fame called, 'happy accidents', where the guys designing the cars managed to stumble blindly into success despite their best efforts. The mom demo is obviously way to big and diverse for a traditional countdown, so instead I decided to consider the best car for the ten biggest groups of moms.

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