How to reduce your Vehicle running costs.

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Achieving better fuel economy may seem like a simple / no brainer task yet many motorists still fail to follow key guidelines to maximize fuel economy. The Vehicle running costs will differ depending on the type of vehicle being driven for example a large engines SUV will have higher running costs than a small coupe. this will be due to the weight of the vehicle the engine size and consequent power which it produced and also the amount of resistance the vehicle creates both resistance on the road surface from having large tires and also resistance from the wind from the cabin size. A smaller vehicle would score lower in all these tests compared to a SUV meaning it will have lower running costs as it is more efficient at moving equaling improved fuel efficiency.

Their are three immediate changes which motorists can make to achieve better fuel efficiency, they must firstly alter their driving style to maximize their potential range. Some ways to do this are, Firstly slow down, an example of this is when doing motorway mileage slow down to 60 miles per hour from 70 miles per hour, this will same up to 2-4 miles per gallon over the duration of the drive.

Another trick is to give the care gentle inputs on both the brake on throttle. Accelerating gentle allows the vehicle to use the least amount of fuel to build up momentum, by avoiding harsh braking momentum can be carried meaning less fuel will be required to build back up to speed.

Make sure the vehicle is correctly maintained, this will reduce any unwanted worn parts creating extra resistance and also servicing the engine regally will ensure that the engine uses fuel most efficiently. The vehicle can also be cleaned regularly, this means that any unnecessary weight being carried around can be removed and will save on fuel increasing the vehicles efficiency.

Tyre pressure should also be monitored regularly this will reduce the friction on the road surface meaning the vehicle will require less fuel to hold speed.

Finally motorists must change their mental driving state, they need to learn to think smart. by combining trips this will mean that you don't need to run out two or three times a day. Also by shopping in all the stores you need to visit at once, and if possible, go to shopping malls where you can park and walk to several stores at the same time. This will reduce traveling distance end in turn increase the fuel economy. Motorists could also let others drive this will allow them to gain a better perspective of how others drive. allowing yourself to work on your own driving style.

Also by fueling your vehicle up when its cool weather this will mean you will get more volume that you would when its warmer weather. This is because when the fuel is cooler its more dense meaning that more volume can fit into the same space e.g your fuel tank.

Fuel economy is improvable its just vital that the correct practices are applied. By following the tips above this can reduce vehicle running costs and hugely increase the efficiency of the vehicle.

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