Why do automotive culture enthusiasts do what they do?

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The people who build their lives surrounded by the amazing automobile are a very unique grouping. These people have the power and passion to find love and bond with something that was originally intended to be simply a machine. The car may just be a culmination of mechanical parts, but to a certain man, woman or child they can become much, much more than that. A vehicle can have a mystical power for a person and once someone lets something that special into their life, they are changed forever.

"It's just a machine." As car people, we hear this too many times in our greasy lives. To the masses, the idea of spending time, money, blood, heartache, money, even more time and even more money on something that was originally designed to get a person from point A to point B is hard to swallow. Yet, we continue to do it. We obsess over these things as if they were our future paramours...or current ones. After a while, these simple machines become much more. They become friends, lovers, members of the family and mentors. And just as a "normal" person would care for their brother or grandmother, we care for our vehicles.

The reasoning behind automotive culture boils down to what these machines do to us. They invigorate our spirits, they cleanse our souls and they make us happy even when sad. They infuriate us, piss us off, and spit in our eye when we do them harm. They hug us when we make them happy and we hug them when they return the favor. They are our hide-away, exit plan, and place to think. They are our friends.

This is what makes the automotive culture tick. The wonder and awe that is brought upon the people engulfed in the automotive world is utterly remarkable. When a machine has the power to manifest itself into something with heart and soul, a human being taps into that feeling and uses it to better his life. Cars have a soul-cleansing power and it goes much farther than simple engineering.

If it seems difficult to grasp why someone would dedicate a heaping portion of their lives to a machine, imagine someone who does the same for their house, pet or garden for that matter. Everyone has that one special thing in their life that will always be there to make them feel joy and happiness. To a car person, that "thing" is the automobile.

The car is art both inside and out. When a person has been bitten by automotive bug, they carry an itch that will never be fully scratched. It doesn't matter how many car shows they go to, how many cars they own or how much time they spend lusting after these machines, we will never be satisfied. A car person will stop at nothing to fill every last waking second of their lives with the wondrous world of automotive culture. Passion is the name of the game in the automotive world and that is what separates car people from the masses.

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