How do you get good fuel economy?

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Fuel prices have sky rocketed over the years due to the global increase in oil prices,this has been caused by an increase in the number of cars on our roads.There has also been the issue of Green House Gases,this has been resulted in Governments encouraging alternate sources of energy and transport means,as an everyday road user one would like to save on fuel and here are some useful tips on having a good fuel economy.

Fuel consumption is mainly attributed to factors such as acceleration, braking and using the Air conditioning.

Fuel consumption rises with the increase in speed,this is due to the fact that the engine has to burn more fuel so that it can be able to produce more power.You should be able to be safe when driving within speeds less than 60mph or 100kmh however fuel consumption increases by 33% and Car will be doing 30 miles to the gallon once the speedometer crosses the 60mp/h mark and that is high!

However, this is not a reason to drive slowly,it is logically impossible as we all have to speed once in a while,when we are late for work or when we are on the highway,the secret is maintaining a constant speed and reducing the number of times you drive below the 60mp/h mark and accelerating past this mark.You should also shift gears immidiately when the required speed has been attained,for instance skipping the third gear and shifting to fourth when the 60 mph speed has been attained, a good gear ratio saves fuel.

The use of cruise control and Overdrive in cars also gives you good fuel economy.Cruise control is a system that maintains the speed of the car,this tool is very helpful as it will help you to maintain a constant speed,hence avoiding and reducing fuel consumption while maintaining a certain speed.Overdrive reduces the speed of the engine,with fewer rotations per minute(RPM) the engine uses less fuel as it maintains a certain speed.

Braking greatly affects fuel economy,braking is a waste of energy,this energy has been produced by fuel that has combusted and accelerating again uses up more fuel.Braking unnecessarily should be avoided ,this can be avoided by maintaining a specified speed and being aware of the traffic patterns far ahead on the road.

Getting rid of unnecessary load on your car saves fuel as less energy is required to power your engine.regular servicing of your car is also important as a serviced car uses less energy,for instance,a dirty air intake reduces the amount of air entering into the engine and hence more fuel is burned.

Regular servicing your car ensures you engine is in prime condition and hence efficient ,efficiency reduces the waste of energy.Avoid using the AC when in stop and rolling down the window when speeding,as this causes a drag and increases fuel consumption.Maintaining the required amount of pressure saves up to 3% of fuel,regular assessment of the tire pressure is important.

these tips will help you save on fuel,and you should remember,your driving habit determines your fuel economy.good driving habits will enable you to save on fuel.

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