Is the End of the V8 Near?

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As companies downsize their engines to smaller more fuel efficient models, the question comes up, is this really the end of the V8? It was recently announced that by the year 2025 car companies must average 54.5 miles per gallon across their entire fleet. This means the big V8's will have small inline 4 little brothers. Instead though, many car companies are getting rid of the V8 all together.

BMW recently announced that their BMW M3 model, which has a V8 now, will have an twin-turbocharged inline 6 in its next iteration.Though some cars will always have V8's, I believe the time of the adrenaline pumping, heart stopping super accelerating sports cars has come to an end. As engines become more powerful and more fuel efficient, the need for a snarling V8 has passed. Turbochargers take the place of the lost cylinders, providing extra boost when the hammer needs to be put down. Though some companies like Mercedes still have a lineup of cars that offer V8's, many of them are now downsized and turbocharged, and feature cylinder deactivation.

In regular human words, when not in use up to four of the cylinders shut off, which essentially turns the V8 into a four cylinder. For example the Mercedes-Benz S550 used to have an enormous 5.5L V8 engine, and now has been downsized to a 4.6L twin-turbocharged V8. Now some will say that it is still a V8, but it a sign of things to come, not just for Mercedes-Benz but for all major car manufacturers.

The days of muscle cars and stop light to stop light races will be gone. Replaced by quiet environmentally-friendly hybrids, humming along getting 50.5 mpg. Companies will stop advertising horsepower and torque, and start advertising the quiet engine and superb fuel economy. In the future the person will be laughed at for not having some eco-friendly, hybrid that emits daisies from it's exhaust. The fun and enjoyment of owning the uneconomical, roaring, fire and brimestone smelling V8 will be long gone. The peace of mind that a person with a V8 has knowing they could restart a dead planet from the torque produced his or her engine will never be had again.

The sheer excitement of standstill burnouts, powersliding, and hearing the God of thunder under the right foot will never be duplicated by some turbo-charged green machine. Alas this is the end of the V8. The hairy-chested, angry, take no prisoners engine that some say originated in the mind of the devil will be banished away, while the small, green, happy engines, that make the sound of puppies and babies laughing.

As government regulations for fuel economy increase, and companies move away from gas-guzzline V8's we are seeing a shift in the automobile world. The small engines technologically advanced engines are taking over, and the big geriatric engines are a dying breed. Although the enviorment will thank us for this shift. Our hearts, and the seat of our pants will never forgive us. Nothing will ever compare to the feeling of mashing the throttle in a giant V8 car, the engine screaming as the person rips through the gears, the tires smoking, and the child on the street clinching to his mother because he had never heard such loud, scary, and vicious sounds, ever coming out his mother's Prius.

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